Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hot Tamale!

For a few years now I've been wanting to make tamales.  Ever since I read about tamale-making on Kim's blog.  I love trying new culinary techniques and I've not met many foods I don't like, so I was all over this tamale thing.  In fact, earlier this year I bought a tamale-making kit from  Then, earlier this fall I bought a huge pork shoulder.  Luckily I froze it because I never got around to making the tamales.

On my long New Year's weekend I finally got around to it.  And it was a success!

On Saturday, I simmered the pork shoulder with an onion, some garlic and salt for a few hours until it was falling off the bone.  I let it cool and shredded the meat and put it in the frig.  Whew, that was enough of that for one day - back to quilting!

On Sunday, I got the meat out and simmered it for about an hour with a jar of green tamale sauce, some cumin and garlic powder - and I probably threw some other stuff in there.  Back into the frig and I was back to quilting.

Then, on Monday - tamale-making day - I gathered all of the tamale-making paraphernalia below: 
 First up - soaking the corn husks:
 while I was making the Masa:
 I mixed the Masa Harina with some paprika, cumin, chili and garlic powders.  I basically followed these instructions.

Then it was time to actually put the tamales together and I got nervous.  I Googled all sorts of tamale-making videos to make sure I was doing it right.  First, you shake the water off the corn husks and spread some of the masa mixture on the husk.  Tip - don't make it too thick!  Then, spread your filling on top and roll them up.  Repeat 50 times.  (This is a very time consuming process - good thing they taste so darn good!)

 Here they are in all their glory!

I guess I stopped taking pictures after that, but on Monday, I put them in the steamer pot around 4pm.  The kids were supposed to be coming for dinner around 5 pm.  Good thing they were late, because the first recipe I read said to steam them for 40 minutes.  The other 5 or 6 recipes I checked (unfortunately, too late) said to steam them at LEAST 2 hours!! Yikes!  But, they didn't come until 6pm and we had to have margaritas and guacamole and chips first so it all worked out (but I was ready to send someone to Taco Bell just in case!) 

I served the tamales with my coconut rice (I cook my rice with a mixture of a can of coconut milk and water.  I also put in some chopped red pepper and a bit of salt).   The dinner was a hit and I've been eating tamales all week!

To cap off my Mexican theme of the last week, I made huevos rancheros for breakfast this morning.  Well, my version of it anyway.  Yum!

(I'm sure the bacon is SO wrong with this meal!)

Tonight, we're going Italian.  I've got sauce on for a lasagna tonight!  Now, I have to go quilt.  o:)


Becky M said...

Yum, I love Mexican! And btw- bacon can never be wrong!

charlotte said...

I agree with Becky...bacon is never wrong. My grandmother was half Mexican and she and her sisters would make tamales for new years. Yours looked great.

Luanne said...

Geeze - you cook, too!!

Pat said...

Lets talk tamales at the next guild meeting!

Linda said...