Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Pillows (forgot to post this!)

(Found this post I wrote last month and obviously forgot to publish, but I'm so darn proud of these pillows - I'm always amazed when something I make other than a quilt comes out well - I wanted to show them off!)

A couple of my girlfriends at work and I get together for a Christmas lunch at a local restaurant every year and exchange holiday-themed gifts.  We have a cafeteria at work, so we don't often go out to lunch, so it's something we really look forward to.

I love to take the opportunity to make them something every year and they seem to love my creations.

As soon as I saw the pillows in Camille Roskelly's Simplify (one of my favorites - I want to make just about everything in it and I have poured over this book repeatedly), I knew I wanted to make Christmas pillows for Sandy and Chris.

 The fabrics were all from stash.  Including the pillow forms and backing.  I had this fun Merry Christmas fabric...
I don't have a lot of experience making pillows, and I should have cut the backing pieces a bit bigger so there would be more overlap.  I'll know for next time.

After I finished the tops, I put a piece of batting on the back and quilted straight lines in white thread - I think they look really nice.

I'll definitely be making more of these!


Diane said...

they look fantastic~ glad you shared.

Lynn said...

They are lovely. I really like the straight line quilting!

Becky M said...

They look fantastic! Great job. I need to pull out my Simplify book for another project. I've only made 1 thing from it so far. I did look at that blog you recommended and her Simplify projects were so cute!

Karen said...

I agree, they look lovely. Great gifts!