Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Block #9 and My June Schnibble...

It's the end of another month...and another Schnibble is in the can!  I wasn't sure I was going to do this one, but I decided I had the perfect charm pack for "State Fair".  I used Moda's Wonderland by MoMo.  To get enough darker charm squares, I added from my stash, used some Kona Snow for the background ....

Since I had to pull out quite a few charm squares from the pack because they were too light, I put them all together to make a scrappy back - how's that for stashbusting - LOL!  I think I'm going to quilt this with some freehand daisies.  Now I'm  glad I made it and I will have entry in the Schnibble parade this month!

And, here is my Jelly Roll Sampler block #9.  Wow, was this an easy block to do! Only three more to go!

And would you believe this...I won ANOTHER giveaway! From BryeLynn of the wonderful SewStitchCreate podcast/blog. An embroidered Christmas ornament is on it's way to me as I write! How fun. I'll post a photo when I get it. Thanks, Brye!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm a Winner!

I was so excited to find out I was a winner of one of Darlene's (of the Quilting Daze blog) giveaways in honor of her 4th blogging anniversary.  She had a giveaway-a-day for 4 days.  What fun!  I can't believe I won.  And I still can't believe WHAT I won.  Such a generous gift...this pile of Strawberry and Lemonade fabric along with a fun panel...

I'm thinking table runner with the panel and some of the fabrics, a Schnibble and a fun little something as a thank-you to Darlene! 

I was tickled to win and receive this package.  Last week was a bit stressful at work due to an audit that was all me, all the time (whew, thank goodness THAT's over!) and getting these fabrics in the mail just lifted me up!  Thank you Darlene.  I just love her blog.  And I've been feeling like I'm living her tagline - "On the Surface of the Sun" this past week or so - it's been in the 90's - near 100.  It's only June folks - it's going to be a long, hot summer I fear!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler #8 and a New Schnibble!

We're coming down the home stretch for the Jelly Roll Sampler quilt. Block number 8 is in the can! I made a few changes to the pattern - I did some 2-1/2 squares in the middle 9-patch instead of making all the squares from two fabrics. I also used only one fabric for the inner border. I made the changes only based on the fabrics I was using, not because I didn't like the original. I'm happy with my version though...

The only other quilty business I accomplished this weekend (clearly, I did not get to sew as much as I'd have liked!), was to start my newest Schnibble! I was not going to participate this month in the Year of Schnibbles, but the more I looked at the pattern - State Fair - I thought, oh, why not! I had the perfect fabric too - two charm packs of Moda's Wonderland by MoMo. I'm using Kona Snow for the white.  I'm having to add some fabrics from my stash because I had to pull out a number of lighter fabrics from the charm packs that just won't work. But I spotted a jelly roll in the cupboard that will fit in nicely!  Here are my blocks so far - just the Wonderland, I haven't made any blocks with the add-in fabrics yet.  The blocks are fun to make and coming along nicely!

We had guests for dinner on Saturday night (the reason I didn't get all that much sewing in, what with the cleaning and the shopping and the making of the dinner!), and dinner was delicious if I do say so myself - and the guests said so too! o:).  Along with a parmesan risotto and garlic green beans- I made Ina Garten's Shrimp Scampi.  My oh my, if you like shrimp, make this - it was simply divine!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's been a while!

Well, time flies! It seems I have a bit of catching up to do.  Last week, was my husband's “big weekend”. He gets a booth at the World War II Weekend and Air Show in Reading, PA every year to sell his "collection" of militaria, books, toys, etc. I am always commandeered to help (I wouldn’t mind, but it’s outside, it’s hot, and sometimes rainy and muddy and there is physical labor involved in setting up the booth – not really my cup of tea). But, I get a nice dinner out of it o:) The show itself is a lot of fun – lots of renactors and folks dressing up in uniform and 40s style clothes. They have a Big Band Dance in the evenings and lots of good junk food (I really like that part). Anyway, that’s what took up part of last week and the weekend….this is our booth where I spent most of it...

I was able to get some quilting in though before and after…I  finished cutting out all of the fused appliqué pieces for the Lady Madonna quilt. Now, I just have to find the energy to layout these big pieces on the quilt top and fuse them down. It’s a big project and I think I’ll have to do it on the floor because I don’t want to mess up the layout trying to do it on my ironing board! I’ve never done a huge appliqué like this, so it will be a challenge. Then for the stitching – this one’s going to take a while! Here are just a few of the pieces…

I’m also about half way done with the quilting on Flying Cranes. I’m using the Waterworld pantograph from Jodi Beamish with a brownish/gold King Tut variegated thread – I love the way it’s looking! I hope to finish it up this weekend so I can get the binding on and start using this beautiful quilt!

I also started Cameos by Fig Tree Quilts. This will be the perfect size for my office wall, so I’ll add it to my rotating office quilt show collection! I’m using Fig Tree’s Whimsy – Yummy!!

I had a bit of a problem when I first started making the blocks – their construction is a little bit different than I’m used to and while Joanna’s pattern directions are really clear, I really wasn’t sure about the sizing for the first round. In fact, I’m still not. I’m sure if I’d have emailed her I would have gotten an answer, but, I was too anxious to just keep going and didn’t want to wait. My practice block turned out okay in the end and it’s the right size, but I’m still not sure I did it exactly right. So, does it matter? I don’t know – things like that tend to bug me. So, I may just try to find out because someone said something about doing Cameos in Christmas fabrics and I’m thinking I just may have to make another one!