Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching up!

Hi.  I'm back.  Didn't mean to take an almost two month hiatus but, as they say, life got in the way.  BUT, I haven't been too idle so I've got a few things to show for myself.

First up is a quilt I made to donate to a Wounded Warriors charity event my son & DIL are hosting this weekend.  I chose to go modern and I made Elizabeth Hartman's Marmalade quilt ....

I went ultra-modern with the quilting....very graphic in the background...
 and wiggles in the diamonds.
I chose this backing that incorporated the teal and greens from the diamonds...
Elizabeth's pattern made this quilt really easy to put together and it looks great!  I know I'll be making at least a couple more - I want one of my own and so does my DIL!!  I hope it's a hit at the event and brings in lots of money for the charity!

Earlier this month, I celebrated Mother's Day by taking my mom and my aunt to the Quilter's Tea at the Cafe Gallery hosted by Old City Quilts.  We also invited my new sis-in-law Cathy and her mom.  This is the second time they've done the tea and my mom and I went last year.  We hope they continue as we'd like to make it a tradition!
(Me, Aunt Janice, my Mom, Cathy's Mom, Cathy)
The gifts were lovely...a lovely china tea cup and saucer filled with candies and cookies, mug rugs and a flowery FQ with a nice discount coupon for the quilt shop!
 Of course I had to drag my mom and aunt (both non-quilters) to the quilt shop after the tea so I could use that coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket.  It was hysterical to see my (as I said, non-quilter) aunt "help" some of the customers at the cutting table choose fabric.  But, that's her!  I think they both really enjoyed themselves.  And, I picked up some FQs...neutrals (to make this) and a red FQ to add to a version of this project that I decided I needed to make.  (There I go with my copycatting ways again!)

I'll be back with more soon!