Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Mayhem in May!

So, I’ve signed on for the challenge that Kelly of The Pioneer Quilter, one of the awesome quilty/crafty podcasters of the Quiltcast SuperGroup in the Big Tent has put out there.  (Click the Big Tent link and search on Quiltcast Supergroup if you’re interested)  The Challenge?  Spend AT LEAST 15 minutes quilting every day in the month of May.  Now, this generally isn’t a problem for me.  There aren’t many days that I don’t spend sewing at least some of the time.  I get really cranky if I can’t sew for at least a little bit everday (just ask my husband-LOL!).  Now, there are some exceptions.  Sometimes on Friday’s I don’t sew.  On Friday’s I like to go home from work and get my “must do” cleaning done – like bathrooms and starting the laundry.  I hate having to get up on Saturday mornings and do that (I like to sit with my coffee and read my blogs on Saturday mornings).  Then, hubby and I usually have a “date” to meet on the couch at 8pm and eat pizza and watch Ghost Whisperer (yeah, exciting Friday nights). Then, sometimes life gets in the way and there's too much to do - like my daughter's 21st birthday party last Sunday.  Busy day.  But, luckily she only turns 21 once o:)

So, I'm UP for the challenge!  With the challenge, I'll plan to make sure I do some hand stitching at lunchtime if I know I'll have a busy night (I always have some hand stitching in my bag  - currently my LAST (woo hoo!) Winter Wonderland block (Crabapple Hill designs).  And, on other days, I will make sure I put in 15 minutes somewhere even if I'm busy (maybe get up a bit earlier, go to bed a bit later???).

Kelly asked us to submit our goals for the month.  So, mine are:

1.  Finish piecing Aviary Taffy Treats (putting these many borders on is slow going!  Particularly since I'm nervous about the dimensions as they were a little funky to begin with and I trimmed the geese and I don't think I was supposed to.)

1a.  Quilt Taffy Treats.  I want to hang it in my office at work as my "summer" quilt.

2.  Finish piecing Beach Cottage - one more row to go before I put on the borders - yay!

3.  Make a Schnibble! (Not sure which one yet - probably Madeleine)

4.  Quilt the small Christmas wallhangings I made in January (I can do this on the DSM).  I made 3 of the Christmas Ornament quilts (two this size and one smaller).  I saw something similar somewhere on the internet and thought it was so cute, so made up my own.  This one is finished, I still need to quilt the other two.  The other one is a stitchery BOM from Gail Pan called  A Christmas Wish.  It is so sweet.

5.  Get my HQ16 moved to its new home upstairs so I can start quilting that large, and growing larger, stack of big quilts again!!

6.  Finish my Lady Madonna quilt top - I've got the "background" made, now I just have to work on the applique.

7.  Keep up with the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along.

8.  Start my Snowbound blocks (if Hancocks EVER delivers the rest of the Rural Jardin fabric!)

Anything else I get done is cake!

(PS - I may have started a cross stitch sampler two nights ago, but don't tell anyone.  (People will roll their eyes at ANOTHER new project!).  Cross stitch is what I did before I found quilting.  I don't have time for another hobby, but I saw a beautiful cross stitch piece - Shores of Hawk Run Hollow that Heather of the Quilt or Stitch Blog recently finished.  It's beautiful.  (She makes gorgeous quilts too.  This young woman is amazing.  She has 3 young children, and she finishes many beautiful projects, her home looks lovely and she does so much with her children.  Just seems like a nice happy family.  I love her bog.)  So, I pulled some closets apart looking for my bag with my leftover cross stitch stuff in it.  I knew exactly what the bag looked like, just not exactly where it was put when we moved here 12 years ago.  And, I found it!  I picked out a nice, not too big sampler and had all the floss except for one color and started immediately!!  So, I need to do this cross stitch like I need a hole in the head -- see, reading blogs can be very dangerous for me.  I see something and before I know it I'm doing it too!  I do know that cross stitch is lots cheaper than quilting.  The skein of floss I needed - I stopped to buy it on the way home Friday night - it was 39 cents!)

Two pieces of quilty good news this week - first, I mentioned I just joined the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt-Along.  I was a few weeks late in starting, but I quickly caught up and posted my blocks on the Flickr group.  And I won that week's prize!  First time out!  I was tickled pink!  I won a jelly roll - isn't that awesome?!  Now, if that doesn't give you incentive to keep up with the Quilt-Along I don't know what would!

Second piece of good news, I found out from my new bloggy friend Nancy of Blogging, Near Philadelphia that my LQS that which was closing is going to re-open in the same space, only a bit smaller.  They had 3 store fronts and they have been able to negotiate to keep one of them.  I was happy to hear that!

Well, it's now Sunday - I've been trying to post this entry since Friday.  Events conspired against me.  I think I've got it this time though o:)


Anonymous said...


Wow - what a great list! You are going to be busy!!!! Your enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious!!

Happy Quilting/Stitching.

Heather said...

Hi there! Thank you for leaving such nice encouraging comments on my blog, you are so sweet! You are making me blush here, seriously :) I am so excited you are pulling out your stitching again, it's a nice thing to do when you are watching TV with your hubby :D I would count that as sewing *wink wink* Good luck with your goal this month.

Mary said...

Are these all goals for May? If so, you're going to be very busy!