Saturday, May 15, 2010

The monster has landed

What a week!  I still don't think I've recovered from the day long (really, it was over 6 hours) move of the HQ16 on Wednesday.  I took the day off work to accomplish this.  The moving of the machine wasn't THAT big a deal, but cleaning out and rearranging the room it was going into  (my daughter's old room - with a lot of her junk still in it) and unearthing the machine from it's old home downstairs took the better part of the day.  But, whew, it's DONE!  And it feels good!!  And best of all, we got the frame put together right, first try and the machine still sews-LOL!  After that, we went to happy hour at a local restaurant where I had a yummy half-price Cosmo and pizza to ease my aching bones.  I then went home and went to bed!

Here it is in all its glory...

Excuse the bright turquoise wall (the ceiling is lime green) - leftover from my daughter's teenagedom.  I really need to re-paint.  Maybe a soft sage green or something soothing.  Turquoise and lime green is NOT soothing.

I finally fired this baby up today.  I started off small and I haven't quilted in about 6 months.  The last quilt I did was my boss's Christmas gift - this batik Hunter's Star (which he loved - isn't it nice when you give someone a quilt and you can tell how much they appreciate it?)

So, today I popped on Reveille -

I'm starting off easy - I'm just doing a medium stipple in the colored fabric and leaving the white squares unquilted and stitch-in-the-ditch around the border.  I'll finish this up in the morning and then I'm putting on the Flying Cranes.  I wanted to do Beach Cottage next but that awesome backing fabric I mentioned - well, there isn't quite enough.  I'm so mad at myself - if I would just have gotten another 1/2 yard.  So, now I have to order more (which I don't mind but it's the shipping charges that get me - grrr.)  I would just piece borders on it, but it's a bit of a heavier weight than regular quilting cottons, so I'll spring for another piece.

I think I'll do something a little more intricate in the Cranes quilt.  My neighbor has asked me if I'd quilt a quilt for her.  I told her yes, but I need to get my "quilting chops" back a bit since it's been so long.  So, I figured I get a couple of my own done before I tell her to bring her quilt over.  I don't typically quilt for others - I'm usually too afraid of messing up someone's quilt!  I like to make a quilt start to finish, and then sell the finished product. But, since she's a friend and won't expect perfection I said I'd do it (I hope I don't regret it!).

It feels really good to be back in the saddle again!

Ps - my husband is sitting here as I type this post and wants me to tell everyone that he purchase two quilting magazines for me today during his Saturday morning "yard saling" (he always keeps his eye for quilty things).  From 1989 and 1990 - LOL!  They are very small - not full magazine size and not much color inside.  Did they even have rotary cutters then?  LOL!  These should be interesting....


Ivory Spring said...


It's lovely to hear from you. Your batik Hunter Star is gorgeous!

And please tell your husband he is absolutely SWEET! :) I wouldn't mind him picking me up a couple of quilt magazines either... :)

Mary said...

I'm with you! I prefer not to quilt for other people and refuse to do it for hire. I figure the rest of them get what they pay for :) and can't complain!