Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Mayhem Roundup - Week 3

Pioneer Quilter Kelly, hostess of May Mayhem, mentioned the feeling of “stalling out” last week – I know what she means. I felt like I was going gang busters the first couple of weeks and last week, while I got a lot accomplished when I put it on paper, didn’t feel as productive. While things like moving the machine is a huge accomplishment, and making binding, prepping backings and tracing appliqué, which was most of what I accomplished, is definitely not as exciting as finishing a quilt top and that’s probably why I felt that way. But, all of those things need to get done.

Mon - Made binding for Beach Cottage - 1/2 hour

Tue - Traced applique for Lady Madonna; made Jelly Roll Sampler Block #6; stitched on Winter Wonderland block - 2 hrs
Wed - moved HQ16 upstairs - 6.5 hours!!! That was it for that day - (it took so long because both rooms had to be cleaned out) we went out for happy hour after-LOL, then I came home and crashed! Ooooh, my aching back!

Thu - Trace remainder of LM Applique; stitched on Winter Wonderland block - 45 mins (I was still REALLY tired from Wednesday o:) )

Fri - prepped backing and batting for Reveille - 1/2 hour

Sat - Cut out fabric for Madeline Schnibble; put Reveille on frame and starting quilting! - 3 hrs

Sun - Finished quilting Reveille; prep backing for Flying Cranes quilt and put on frame; make and sew on binding on Reveille; made one Madeline block - 3-1/2 hours

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Ivory Spring said...


You are such a disciplined quilter. No wonder you get so much done.

Wendy at http://www.ivoryspring.wordpress.com