Friday, July 1, 2011

A Night with Jay McCarroll

I want to report on our night with Jay McCarroll at our last Philly Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  What a fun night and what a nice guy Jay is! 
Jay brought his new fabric line, Habitat, and showed off some quilts and other items made from the line.  He talked about his background, his time on Project Runway and his design process for each of the fabrics in his new line.  It was fascinating to me to hear not only what inspired each piece, but how he physically did them.   Learning about the fabrics really brought the line "alive" for me and I have a greater appreciation for each of the pieces.  There's a  great interview with Jay (part one  part two) at True Up where he goes into some of the detail.  Jay was really funny too and was kind enough to take photos with all who wanted one.

Besides a few quilts made with his new line, Jay also showed these pillows made with each of the three colorways.  I love these pillows...

He also showed these chairs he recovered with his fabrics.  Are they cool or what?!

You know what, my photos stink.  Go to Andrew's blog to see some great photos of the night (Andrew's our designated guild photog - for a reason).

Jay also kicked off a new Modern Quilt Guild challenge at our meeting.  All participants were given a bag with each fabric in the line in one colorway plus two solids (you didn't know what you were getting, but I got the colorway I wanted - YAY!)  We have to make a 12" block to submit and Jay will pick three winners.  More blocks will be made in all the Modern Guilds and they ultimately will be made into quilts for charity.  I'm looking forward to helping put the charity quilts together.  I finished my block last night and sent it off.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  These were the fabrics I had to use.  In fact, I liked it so much, I'm thinking of snagging some more of this line to make a whole quilt!

[okay, why did I even show this - it looks like black and white.  The top fabric is an olive tone and the bottom is a light blue]

As soon as the contest is over, I'll show you my block.  Working with this line was fun, fun, fun!

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