Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Dot Party Party!

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon at The Village Quilter taking Julie's Dot Party class.

Such a fun afternoon and I got the whole quilt top finished!!  These blocks are addicting (as you'll see).

There were six of us in the class and I had a bad case of fabric envy.  Not that I didn't like my own fabrics - I think the Kumari Garden and blue quilter's linen looks great, but everyone else's looked great too.  This quilt looks good in anything!  There was a beautiful batik version and someone was using Pick a  Bunch.  Julie may have helped convince me I needed to do a Pick a Bunch version and Village Quilter just happened to have layer cakes of P-a-B and the Kona Snow solids just ready and waiting for me (so, yeah, I needed a lot of convincing - LOL). 
The class was great - the other ladies were lovely and Julie is always fun.  And, I love the atmosphere in The Village Quilter (I really wished I lived closer - maybe it's a good thing I don't - LOL!)  And, I figured out the trick to that ruler...

It was my left-handedness that was messing me up!  I realized I had to cut *backwards*, i.e., going from right to left - the way you'd naturally do it if you are right handed but just a tad awkward if you're left handed.  But it didn't take long to get the hang of it and my cuts came out perfectly!

Besides Kumari Garden and Pick a Bunch, there's at least one more Dot Party in the works.  This just came in...

Ann Kelle's Spring Urban Zoologie - I've been waiting for this for months!!  I am just enjoying looking at it.  I'm pairing it with the pink quilter's linen.  Some little girl is going to be very happy. o:)

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i are tiny kitn said...

NICE!!! can't wait to see this all quilted up!!! i wish i lived a bit closer to this shop too.