Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Disney Quilting

Since (hopefully, since I setting this up to autopost) we're in Disney World right now, I thought I'd show a quilt made with what might be the most expensive fabric in the world - LOL!  A few years ago on a Disney (of course, what else?) Cruise we were on they had silent auctions every night.  And one of the items was the most fabulous fabric that was used as vests for the servers in one of the restaurants.  Well, of course I had to have it!  Apparently, someone else had to have it also because there was a bidding war going on!  Luckily, DH was on a mission to get me this fabric and he won!!!  I'm not sure exactly how much he wound up bidding - it's about two yards of fabric - but I know it was waaaayy more than your $9-10 per yard for quilting cottons.  But, oh, it was mine, all mine.  But, what to do with it.  I hoarded that fabric for a few years (in fact I'm hoarding the remainder still).

We (meaning my husband), starting collecting Disney pins.  We have a ton of them now.  What the heck do grownups do with a bunch of Disney pins?  Why, put them on a quilt of course!  I got the bright idea to make a Disney Pin Quilt with that awesome fabric I was hoarding.  It's now hanging in our bedroom.  It's not full yet, but I've made dear hubby stop buying so many pins - I said he's only got the rest of the quilt to fill with pins then he's done and it has to last for his whole life - LOLOL!

As I mentioned, I set this to autopost, so I hope we're having fun.  And, I hope Kenny isn't buying too many pins.  o:)


Susan said...

What a great way to disply those pins! And I can see why you had to have the fabric. Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

Luanne said...

I can only hope you get this message - because this quilt is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Especially since (a) I don't quilt, (b) I collect Disney pins, and (c) REAL MATERIAL FROM THE SERVERS?!?!?!?!? Anyhoo, I'm sitting in the Vancouver airport on the downward spiral after getting off the cruise ship, and this was the perfect piece of awesomeness to keep me from running back to the ship and begging to get back on!!!