Friday, August 27, 2010

Behind the scenes...

Still autoposting here.  I thought I'd share something fun I did last summer.  Last year was a banner quilting year.  I got to go to three quilts shows, the Machine Quilting Exposition in New Hampshire (all by myself I went to New Hampshire!  I'm still amazed I didn't wind up in Chicago or something.  I don't typically travel by myself o:) )  But one of the most exciting things I got to do was go to a taping of Mark Lipinski & Jodi Davis' Quilt Out Loud show!  They were doing the first live audience show at a local quilt shop, Byrne Sewing Connection.  Happens to be where I bought my beloved Bernina and my sewing table.

I'd never been to the taping of a show before.  It literally lasted all day.  I think we were there almost 8 hours while they shot about 4 segments.  About an hour's worth of show  Wow, does it take a lot of stops and starts to tape a show.  And Mark and Jodi were fabulous as were the guests.  I've met Mark a few times (he lives not too far way from Phila), and he's always a hoot.  This is one of the flyers he signed for me with his signature tagline "Quilt Naked, Cupcake".  Not likely!

Here are some shots from the day.

Getting things set up to do a segment...

The fabulous pattern and fabric designer Michele Scott (aka The Pieceful Quilter) doing her segment...


The audience.

There was even a craft services table in the back (I mean snacks.  See, I know the lingo - LOLOL!)

When they were taping, the AC had to be off because of the noise.  Now, this was July folks.  Let's just say we were all glowing!  And, it was kind of funny because it was the holiday show they were taping, so some of the scenes had Christmas decorations and Mark & Jodi were in Santa hats, and some in the audience were in shorts & sandals!

Boy was it a blast though.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I even won a prize.  They gave away most of the items they showed in the "What I'd Like for Christmas" segment.  And I won Ami Simms wonderful book, Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece.  The quilts and stories are very moving.

I hope they tape another show in the area.  I'd go again in a hot minute - even if it does take all day.  It was fun to watch when the segments finally aired and tell everyone, "hey, I'm on TV", well, on the internet anyway.  o:)


Dee said...

That does sound like fun! I've never been to the taping of anything. Although all day in July with no air conditioning does sound a bit uncomfortable.

Pat said...

I was at that taping too!!! A very long day, but lots and lots of fun. It was so interesting to see how they changed clothes and set backgrounds to make it look as though the segments were done at different times. I won a baseball hat for my husband that says "She quilts, I fish". He gets lots of comments when he wears it. Do you remember the canine guest?