Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Had Good Intentions....The Clamshell Report

Being the last day of the month, my Clamshell Report is due.  I did have good intentions, taking all those clamshells with me on vacation.  I was sure I'd have time to stitch a bunch of them together.  Didn't happen.  This trip just seemed to be a whirlwind - it was go-go-go all the time and when I wasn't going, I was napping!  But, I did get a bunch of clamshsells prepped during the month and now have a total of 55 done (including the few already stitched together).  Okay, well, that's not a huge dent in the 600-some clamshells I need to make the quilt, but I'm thinking of this as more of a long-term project, like I hope to get it done in my lifetime.

Because I like to do some prepping and then do some stitching (I'd get bored just prepping them all at once), I decided to take a few pieces from each of the charm packs I'm using to prep so I'd get a good variety to work with.

I'm liking the new basting glue pen I'm using - the Collins Fabric Glue stick - it's billed as a water-soluble instant basting adhesive.  $1.99 on sale at Sew Thankful - can't beat that!  I ordered a bunch of them, but I think I'm going to need a bunch more.  I have a feeling basting 600+ clams is going to take a lot of glue.

Next month I should have a lot more to show!

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The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Tell me more about this project please? It looks fabulous, love your fabrics. You mention this glue pen, are you glueing the clams together and then stitching them together without folding the raw edge over? Do you use the zigzag stitch sized down like the button hole stitch or am I completely guessing wrong? Is this from a pattern?
I cannot wait to see how this turns out - life time project.. ... meh, I have time. ha ha I have a few projects like that myself!