Thursday, April 15, 2010

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

My favorite local quilt shop is closing. Of course I am very sad but I am a little surprised about just how emotional I am about it. It hit me when I thought about making a last visit before the doors shut on April 27th, and it occurred to me that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I think it might be too upsetting. I’m afraid I’ll walk in and burst into tears. This is the shop where I learned to quilt, the shop that sponsored the annual quilting retreat weekends that I went on for about 10 years that I loved so much, where I have met many, many quilting friends, the site of too many quilt classes to count, and overnight “Quilt til you Wilts”. It’s part of who I am as a quilter. And, now it won’t be and I think it’s making me feel a little adrift. The shop has gone through a few owners over the years and I am sad for the current owners that this did not work out for them. I am sad for the long-time shop employees (many of whom became friends over years) and the teachers who taught such wonderful classes at the shop.

I have to admit, over the last few years I haven’t visited nearly as often as I used to, and have only taken a class or two. Maybe I am not the only one and maybe that is part of the reason the shop is closing. Yes, I feel a little guilty. Used to be for many years I was a fixture there – you could find me there most weekends. My husband said he thought maybe I had moved beyond needing the shop – I have enough fabric to practically open my own shop, don’t really need classes anymore, etc. I just always thought it would be there when I wanted it.

I was planning on putting a number of quilts in their annual show this Spring. I used to do that all the time. I had finally finished 3 or 4 UFOs from classes I’d taken at the shop years ago and thought, this year, I’m going to enter again.

I guess I should not have waited so long. Sometimes you get reminded how short life can be.


Pat Seager said...

Hi Denise,
I read about your blog on the quilting supergroup and am glad I checked it out. Keep on keeping on.
Our local quilt shops are so expensive and I have lots of fabric as you do but the clerks in chain stores don't spend time helping to find just the right fabric and those other services. We should all think about how we would feel if the LQS closed. Pat in Louisiana

Mary said...

That is sad but like you I just don't need to visit all that often for fabric buying as I have lots here at home and vie never been one to take classes because I like doing my own thing.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about the shop closing. I have one near me and although it hasn't played as pivotal a role in my quilt life as yours obviously did in yours, I'd definitely miss it if it ever had to close. Retail is a tough, tough world! Your quilts are beautiful--I especially like the one on top with the nine-patch cornerstones in the sashing. Gorgeous!