Monday, April 12, 2010

The Flying Cranes caught my eye…

As I was getting ready to leave the New Jersey Quiltfest last month, having already purchased more than I should have, this stack of fabrics caught my eye….

The fabrics, each with flecks of gold in them, practically jumped into my arms. I grabbed the stack and went into the vendor booth and then saw the quilt sample – it was stunning. The quilt and fabric line is called Dance of the Flying Cranes.

Here’s a shot of the first 4 blocks…

I’ve finished the top and will post a photo. I hope to get it quilted soon (my HQ16 needs to be moved before I can do that though – that’s a WHOLE ‘nother story though). I really don’t know what quilting design I want to use, but I know I want to use a gold-ish (not metallic though) thread. I give lots of gift quilts and also sell them, but this one’s going to be all mine, mine, mine! (Although DH loves it too, so I guess I’ll share).

My quilting buddy at the office also fell in love with the fabrics and I was scouring the internet trying find them for her. Not easy. This line’s almost gone. My boss was horrified that I was going to actually use the quilt! He said “no, that belongs on the wall, it’s ART!” (No, really, this one's a quilt, meant to be wrapped up in.) These pictures don’t do the fabric justice (thanks to my less-than-professional picture taking skills) – it is beautiful and everyone seems to fall in love with it.

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Sandy said...

Gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see the finished piece. I love Asian prints but haven't used them a lot yet. I'll be paying attention to what you do!