Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Jersey Quilt Fest!

I waffled until the last minute on whether I was going to the New Jersey Quilt Festival in Somerset, yesterday.  All that mental energy while I debated with myself over the last few days - should I go, shouldn't I go?  Gas is so expensive.  I'm going to MQX next month, I shouldn't go to this one.  I don't need anything.  It's a long drive, etc. etc.  I wound up going, and thanks to my new GPS, I made it without incident (well, there was one incident, but I think it was my fault, not the GPS.  Like I keep telling my husband, I need a driver!)

I was at the show before the doors opened and was finished by 2pm.  I did the vendors, looked at the quilts and sat in on two demonstrations.  The first was for the AccuQuilt Go cutter and the second was on new notions.  They were fun!

Like I said, I didn't need anything, but I managed to come home with stuff anyway.

Actually, I've been thinking about this for awhile and it was shown at the Notions demo, which of course, made me absolutely have to have it (those demos are great marketing tools!)  This is the Olfa rotating 12" mat.  The other night I was doing some cutting and kept having to move all around the cutting table and contorting my body.  I was wishing I had this.
I'm also always on the lookout for good needle threaders.  My favorites are the Collins Quilter's Threader.  They don't last forever though, so I always pick up a package when I go to a quilt show. I have seen the price on these go up and up over the years.  I remember they were around $2.00 a package when I started buying them at quilt shows.  Yesterday, I paid over $3 - geesh! (Oh my, I see I can get them from Hancocks of Paducah for $1.49 a package - guess I got ripped off!!)  I'll let that one go.  I also had heard about a machine needle threader (because the ones on machines never work right (at least on my machines!).  I finally found it.  It's by Bohin.  I also heard that their desk needle threader was pretty good, so I picked that up too.  I tried them.  They are awesome! 

These cute little microfiber discs are for cleaning up threads, dust, etc.  They were $1.00 each and in such pretty colors.  I picked one up for me and one for my quilt-buddy-at-work, Lindsay. 
I also picked up a couple of books.  The first is the story of Indigo.  Looks very intriguing. The other is on folklore of American quilting.

I also picked up some Quilts and More mags from 2009.  I just started reading Quilts and More last year and am really enjoying the projects so was happy to get some back issues.  Plus, they were 30% off!
The only fabric I bought (and I'm still finding that hard to believe - LOL!)  were these "frosty" blues for a winter quilt for my daughter-in-law.   These all have a bit of silvery metallic on them.
 Last week at Sunday dinner, she looked closely at my "winter" quilt and said "I love this!"  I'd love to have one just like it.  Well, that's all I needed to hear - great gift idea!  So, I went on the hunt for appropriate fabrics.  I made mine about 5 years ago and Keepsake Quilting had a great bundle of metallic blues that were perfect for this project.  Of course, they don't have them anymore.  I was able to put this collection together from a few different vendors at the show.  Here's mine - it's the Take 5 pattern and quilted with my snowflake boards.  This is quick and easy to make, but very stunning!

 So, obviously, I did *need* some things.  Oh, the quilts were good too!! o:)


Luanne said...

Sounds like you had a great time! (It also sounds like me and any Disney store - don't need anything, but still come out with stuff!!)

Karen said...

I think we are all guilty of needing nothing but buying something!
I just bought a rotating mat too for exactly the same reason! Good choice!

Nicole said...

You will find yourself loving the rotating mat! It is so useful. I must look for some of those little micro fiber pads for picking up stray threads.

The Stuff of Success said...

Hi - I am stopping in via Sew Many Ways. I am your newest follower from TheStuffofSuccess. Feel free to stop on by and say hello. Enjoy your week. Thanks Athena

Linda in Calif. said...

So glad you had a nice time. You sounds like me with all that debating. I've been thinking for a while that I ought to get a rotating mat as it would be so much easier! And lucky for your daughter you went and were able to find just the right fabrics for her.

Bobbi said...

Darn - I made a spur of the moment decision and went too - and was probably 20 paces behind you all day without seeing you!

You will love that rotating mat.

I got more fabric than I should have. You know me, with stash-ing. Cannot resist.