Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Bits

This weekend we had a blizzard.  Well, it was almost like a blizzard for about an hour.  My husband has been laughing at me all weekend when I'd ask people "did you see the blizzard?!"  It was the closest we've had this very bizarre "winter".  It was fun because I knew it wasn't going to last.  My kind of snow - doesn't stick to anything!  Lilly and I went out to run around in it for a little bit. 
We (well, my husband) bought a new car this weekend!  The color is called "Alien" - LOL!  Sounds weird, but it's actually a really nice shade of metallic green.   This was an inevitable purchase my husband has been putting off for way too long.  We dumped so much money into his old Sonata this past year to try to keep it running and then it got totalled two weeks ago.  Luckily, no one got hurt and he got more money for it than he thought which was good.  This is when I am glad we pay for good insurance!  We also traded in our Jeep that he used to haul his crap items when he sells at shows.   So, we had to get something with some capacity, but at a economy price (not only on the purchase, but gas, repairs, tires, etc.)  So, he got a Kia Soul.  We really like it so far.  And, he loves the fancy stuff like the bluetooth - which he actually got to work all by himself (a techno-geek he is not).
So, while we were running around Saturday, back to the dealership (twice) to retrieve things he left in the Jeep (I think the salesman thought he was stalking him - LOL!), we went to lunch in Doylestown and, how 'bout that - we're right next to Sew Smart!  See how I maneuvered that - ha ha.  I only purchased some fusible fleece (too boring to even take a picture of) and 4 yards of a white-on-white background fabric for my brother's wedding quilt.   It was hard to get a good photo, but it's very elegant.
And, because my bag was way too white, I threw in this charm pack of Pezzy prints they had on the counter....I missed these prints the first time around, so now I feel better that I have some...
 I also got started on the quilting on this large HST quilt.  I'm using the Fay Feathers pantograph.  I'm really happy with the way it's turning out.
And, now the weekend's over.  It went too fast, but they always seem to. Luckily, I have no obligations after work this week, so I'll be sure to get my sewing fix in every night!


Becky M said...

Haha! As soon as you said alien I knew what car he got! My sister has the same car in white, we call it her toaster. She loves it too. Glad he was okay in the accident.
Love those pezzy prints. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Karen said...

I had to get out my magnifying glass to see your snow! :)
With that fabric it looks like you have a few sewing plans in place.
Lovely quilting on the HST quilt.
The car colour is fine as long as they don't include and real aliens in the sale.

Diane said...

cool new car! really like the panto your doing there.
our snow is gone too-dang cold tho' I'm ready for warmer weather--oh wait it will be in the upper 50's on Wen!! a strange winter but not complaining too much.