Sunday, October 31, 2010

(Very Pathetic) Clamshell Update

I missed last month and this is all I have to show for two months...

At this rate, it will be the next decade before I get enough clamshells prepped to make the quilt.  But,  I guess that's par for the course since I still have WIPs from the 1990s that are still not finished yet (I can't believe I actually admitted that!  o:)

But, this is a long-term project, so I'm not fretting too much!  

Maybe I'll do better next month!


Karen said...

Yes, don't fret! Every little bit gets you closer to a finish. I love the fabric.

Thelma said...

What you've accomplished looks great, just keep at it!

Thelma said...

I like your pumpkin quilt, I think it's the blue that makes it so special and different from most fall/Halloween themed quilts. Thanks for sharing!

Belinda said... are toooo funny girl!! I didn't post last month either. What you have there looks great!!

grendelskin said...

Just make a shell every now and again, and soon you'll have enough that you'll really want to stitch them together! Think of this as planning stages; you may end up with something quite different from what you're planning now. the shells you have so far are quite lovely.

Valentina said...

Oh Denise, I am with you!!!
My clams are only going to make a Dollie Quilt. But I find that I am learning a lot and having fun doing it!