Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm in love...

and her name is Mary Rose.   Particularly this.  I was going about my morning routine of checking my personal emails - select everything that I know is junk or that I don't have to read  and delete first and then go back and quickly review what I've kept.  I certainly don't need any more fabric right now so I should have included that email from Shabby Fabrics in the delete list this time.  Why, oh, why did I open that email?  There were links to the Mary Rose line, Collection 8 to be exact and since I liked the name, I thought, I'll just click and see.  And there was Mary Rose in all her splendor and it was love at first sight and I think I need some.  But, I spent so dang much money at the quilt show the other weekend and I still have to buy some of the sweet Lilly & Will for a baby quilt due in November that I really shouldn't let Mary Rose tempt me.  But I don't know if I can resist.

I couldn't get a photo I could post, but click on the links - or not (if you're as easily tempted as I am.)  o:)
I really need to stop opening emails from quilt shops o:)


Ivory Spring said...


I love love love that line too!

Thanks for your kind words on my teacup applique.

Ivory Spring said...


I tried to respond to you by email, but the email bounced back. Original email as follows:

Hi Denise,

Thanks! I have been wanting to use that motif on something, and I found
the perfect use. :)