Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July

Doing all of these Snowbound blocks got me thinking about Christmas (we do love the Holidays here at our house) and since I thought maybe thinking Christmas-sy thoughts might make me forget about the 90-100 degree temps we've been having here near Philadelphia (didn't work by the way), I thought I'd show a few photos of some holiday items I've made in the past.

Two friends at work and I always go out for a Christmas lunch near the holiday and exchange holiday-themed items.  They love getting handmade gifts from me, (both of the food and quilty type), so two years ago, I made them each a wallhanging.  This Santa for Chris and and the Snowman for Sandy.  I made them using Tammy Carlson patterns using a preprinted fusible grid purchased from Keepsake Quilting.  They are so adorable, but they were a pain in the you-know-what to do!  I was never so glad to finish two projects in my life- LOL!

This next one is my own design. I had some beautiful poinsettia fabric that I decided to use to do a broderie perse-style wallhanging for my Mom for Christmas a couple of years ago. She has a small quilt hanger in her dining room and I like to make hangings for the different seasons for her. She loved it!

This cute little table runner is made from a charm pack of Holly Jolly by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  I first saw it on Lisa Boyer's Dorky Homemade Quilts blog.  It's a free pattern from the Happy Zombie called Jingle Jolly Table Runner.  I made two - one for me and one for my daughter-in-law. 

This applique piece hangs over the piano in my living room every Christmas season.  I love it.  Each of the ladies in my small bee made a version of this wall hanging.  It's well over 10 years old by now.  I have no idea what pattern it is or even where I got it, it's been that long.

Of course, I have more holiday quilts in the queue to make.  We got to see little teases of what I believe is going to a fabulous holiday quilt designed by Wendy Sheppard on her blog.  She's calling it Peppermint Parcels and it will be published in the December 2010 issue of Quilter's World magazine.  Wendy said "You might want to grab the fabrics as soon as they come out..."  so I did....they are from the Henry Glass Hip Holidays Line.  I hope I bought enough (I think I did-LOL!).  I'm all ready to go!

This next pile of fabrics was supposed to be a quilt made for last Christmas.  I purchased the Figgy Pudding fabrics to make the Figgy Pudding Christmas tree quilt at the PA Quilt Extravaganza last year.  They are still looking cute in the little bag they came in (I admired them again when I took them all out to take the photo)...maybe this year?!

Then, Hubby did great with his flea marketing this weekend (and it's only great when he comes home with quilty stuff for me, other than that it's only so much junk, but I digress)...he came home with a box full of quilting fabric scraps, some patterns, a roll of batting, an 18x24" turntable for cutting, and these cute cuts of Christmas fabric.  They are about two yards each .  He spent all of $8 for the whole lot.  Now, the first one is most bizzare - among the Christmas tree ornaments we found hot air balloons and moons and stars.  But, it's colorful!

This motifs on this next piece are so sweet. I think I'll use this one for a backing for a holiday wall hanging. I can't bear to cut it up...

That's it. Now, back to our regularly scheduled summer...


Michelle said...

Smart doing Christmas in July, so you'll be prepared when Christmas does arrive! You showed so many cute and pretty things; I'm overwhelmed!

I'd say your husband did really well. Good for him! (You've got him well trained. ;-) )

Ivory Spring said...


Seeing your Christmas lovelies, I am ready for Christmas NOW!!! ;)

Oh, those Hip Holiday fabrics just make me smile. Do they have the same effect on you?