Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wedding Quilt #1

Well, it's wedding season and I have three wedding quilts to make this year (so far).  First up....the Cross Terrain quilt for my daughter' manager - background here .  Using mostly Kaffe &  friends' fabrics, it made a lovely quilt!

 And, I saw Heather's wedding photos, it could have been a backdrop at the wedding - the shades of teal and purple matched her wedding party and decorations perfectly.
I found this fun purple heart print for the back...perfect for a wedding quilt!

The bride really loved the quilt (I hope the groom did too!)

And, just one last bunch of photos from Mother's Day 2013...
This is ingenuity!  What do you get your mom for mother's day when you have no money?  A lovely bouquet of tulips and "vouchers"!  How cute are these? She'll be putting her burgeoning cosmetology skills to good use!  I told her I really am going to take her up on all of these services!


Kate said...

Oooh, very pretty quilt. Love the colors!

Karen said...

Another gorgeous wedding quilt. Love the colours. You do lovely quilting.
And I agree - the vouchers are a great idea!

Scrapatches said...

Lovely quilt. Quilts make perfect wedding gifts. Flowers and vouchers make perfect mother's gifts. I just wandered in from another blog to enjoy the quilts and thought I'd say hi ... :) Pat