Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Sewing

Last weekend, that is!  Our wi-fi has been out all week and we just got it fixed, so I can post again!

I had a fun few days of sewing last weekend I thought I'd share.

On Saturday, my friend/fellow-guild member/neighbor Cathy walked me through finishing up my striped purse from a pattern from Jessica Levitt's book Modern Mix.  I fell in love with this purse as soon as I saw it in Jessica's book, but never having made a purse before was very hesitant to go it alone.  I was thrilled when Cathy and another guild-member friend, Anna, wanted to make it too.  We got together a few months ago and got this far....

I knew that without some help, I'd never get any further and Cathy kindly offered to help me finish.  

Ta Da!
I put this glitzy pin on the flap until I can get a big button.

It's even got a couple of pockets inside.  This purse was actually pretty easy to make, so the girls in my life can expect one for Christmas!
I also got my September Sunday Morning Quilts Bee blocks finished last weekend.  Our color for September was red.  I've already sent them off to my swap-mate for the month.
And, I finally got around to making the hexagon flower for our newest LQS The Round Bobbin.  When the shop first opened, they had these little hexagon kits to make one flower.  They were asking customers to make one and sign it and will be made into a memory quilt.  I dropped mine off today during the Fall class preview event, which was a lot of fun.  The teachers previewed their classes and showed the quilts or items to be made in the class. It was hard to stop myself from signing up for everything!
On the agenda for this weekend is binding the wedding gift quilt for my DIL and finishing up the blocks for brother's wedding quilt.

I'm really looking forward to next weekend's big quilt show in Oaks, PA - the PA National Quilt Extravaganza. I'm getting my list together!


Kate said...

Beautiful purse! Congrats on getting it finished.

Pat said...

I would recognize that purse as "you" anywhere! Very nice job. Sounds like you have been a busy bee!

charlotte said...

Love the purse. I would leave the big glitzy pin. It looks awesome on there.

Susan said...

The purse is wonderful! I really wanted to go to The Round Bobbin class preview, but my daughter was waving on Saturday for her study abroad program. Maybe next spring I'll get o the preview. I will be white gloving at Oaks from 10-12 on Saturday and then selling tickets for the Valley Forge Homesteaders' raffle quilt from 4-6. In between I intend to look at quilts and stay away from those vendors!

Sharon B said...

Love the purse! It is so much fun seeing alll the things you create.

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh my gosh, I just love that purse! It's my favorite that I've seen online. You did a great job!!

Carrie P. said...

Your purse is so pretty. Such a neat pattern.

Michele said...

Congratulations on your first bag :-) It's a beauty!