Saturday, April 2, 2011

On Track!

When I got this little stack of fabrics from my husband for my birthday a couple of weeks ago
and my daughter fell in love with it, I knew I wanted to make her a quilt for her upcoming birthday.  Since it's coming up very quickly, the pattern had to be easy and I really wanted to show of these fabrics

I knew immediately I wanted to use the Take 5 pattern.
I've used this pattern a few times.  The first was when I wanted to make myself a "winter" quilt a few years ago - using frosty blues and whites.  I love this quilt.  You can't tell in this picture but the fabrics are "glittery".
Since that one little pack of fabrics wasn't going to do it I collected AC Moore coupons and stopped everday for 3 days to pick up two more fabric packs and a couple of half yards (because you can only use one coupon per day you know!).  I started the quilt on a Tuesday night.  Got all the blocks made by Thursday.  This has got to be one of the fastest quilts in the world!
Then by Saturday I was arranging and rearranging the blocks on the design wall....
I had the top all put together on Saturday and put the black inner border on.  Since AC Moore doesn't sell yardage I couldn't just use one fabric for the border, so I decided to use 4-1/2 by 6-1/2 blocks.  I had planned to get the quilt on the frame on Saturday but ran out of fabrics!  I really didn't feel like going back to the store and was going to send my hubby out on Sunday to get me another pack of fabrics.  Meantime, I was looking at the leftovers and decided to do what our quilting foremothers (is that a word?)  did and piece my leftovers and lo and behold, I had enough to finish the border!  I finished the top on Sunday and got it on the frame in the afternoon and have been quilting on it all week.  It will be done today (has to be because daughter is coming for dinner tomorrow night and I don't want her to see it!)
I'm using my new pantograph Effervesence.  I'm using a pale lavender thread and will bind it in the Kona black that I used for the inner border.  I was going to use the black/silver fabric you see here, but hubby and I both decided the plain black was better.

I found this great fabric for the back.  Gotta love  Not only was it on sale, but I got free shipping and I usually have a coupon code for 15% off! 
It matches the purply shades in the quilt top perfectly.

And, with my little bit of scraps leftover, I made three Schnibbles Tuffets!
 The back:
I just need to get "stuffing" for these.  I'm going to get some lavender buds and will make them into sachets.  I'll keep one and give one each to the girls.  Ariel will get one with her birthday quilt and daughter-in-law Raqhel will get one too.

So, once the is off the frame, it's on to my Mom's wallhanging which I'm doing with the Lazy Angle ruler!  I'll do a review of that next.


Lisa Marie said...

That quilt is simply gorgeous! I love the colors you have used. Your Daughter will love it too! I have used the Take 5 patterns and they are SEW fun aren't they.

Linda said...

What a gorgeous quilt. Love the fabric! I've never tried a take 5pattern, but think I really should now. I really love the quilting too! Your daughter is going to love her new quilt!