Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Last Finish for 2011

I was able to squeeze in one last finish for 2011!  I just put the last stitch in the binding on Lilly's Max & Whiskers quilt.

 Now she'll be able to snuggle on the couch with it on those cold days.
On my day off last Monday, I decided I needed to start something new - and something that had nothing to do with Christmas!  I pulled out the FQ roll I got at Generations Quilt Shop during the shop hop this past fall and finished this hour glass quilt.  All in one day.  That felt good!
I was going to put it on the frame today and get it quilted but decided I didn't have the right backing fabric.  So, a couple of yards of this is on order....
 French Hat Box by Tanya Whelan for Westminster/Free Spirit.  Ooo La La!

On this last day of 2011, I'm going to quilt a little and start making the filling for my tamales (we're doing Mexican day on Monday with the kids).  Tonight, we're having a quiet celebration - going to an early dinner at our favorite local Italian BYOB, then come home to a movie and trying to stay up for champagne to ring in the new year at midnight.  I'm not taking any bets that either one of us will actually stay up until midnight (probably due to the bottle of wine we'll have at dinner - LOL).  I'm hoping we at least wake up long enough to see the ball drop!

A happy and safe New Year's Eve to everyone! And Happy New Year to my Australian friends!


Darlene said...

Fun finishes! Very cute!

Kate said...

Love Lilly's quilt, it's very colorful. The hour glass quilt turned out nicely too and I love that backing.

Enjoy your New Year's Eve. Kddo may be the only one at our house that sees the ball drop.

Anonymous said...

It turned out lovely!

Becky M said...

Yay! You got done Lily's quilt! Weren't you working on that during sewing day back when it was warm? Or maybe that was a different max and whiskers project? It turned out great and of course Lily is adorable.
mmm.. tamales! got a good recipe to share?

Luanne said...

So beautiful - like works of art!!

Karen said...

Lilly is very lucky. great quilt. And I also like the hourglass top, too.
Great way to finish the year.
Have a wonderful 2012.

Linda said...

Great finish to end the year. Happy New year!