Friday, February 8, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursdays - The Most Meaningful Thing I Ever Made

Well, here I am late for the second week - that's two for two, but my excuse is that work has been crazy. 

So, the theme for this week for Emily's Sew Thinky Thursdays is:

The Most Meaningful Thing I Ever Made

I had a long think on this one (another part of the reason I didn't post yesterday) and I have to say I'm going at this from a bit of a different slant...I'm showing the item that I felt was the most meaningful from the recipient's perspective. 

I have worked for my boss, on and off (mostly on) for the past 25 years at the same company.  Our families are friendly, he's incredibly generous to us (case in point...almost unlimited use of the beach house - YES!)  and we work very well together.  We always exchange gifts at the holidays and about three years ago I decided that he and his wife deserved a quilt.  I had just gotten my Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler from Deb Tucker and was itching to try it out.  I had a whole stack of batiks I thought would make a great Hunter's Star and set about making the quilt. 

Public Service Announcment:
***If you want to make a Hunter's Star - the Rapid Fire ruler is AWESOME!***
(I've made a couple the old fashioned way - never again! Like this one - made sometime in the late 90's  Don't ya just LOVE that border???  What was I thinking!? o:)
Anyway, back to the quilt we're actually discussing....
I hunted around for a nice hand dyed large piece for the backing and quilted it with swirly motif....

I wrapped it up and we exchanged our gifts the day before Christmas.  We usually don't open them right away but take the gifts home to put under the tree.

I got a phone call Christmas morning...he could barely talk and very emotionally said "no one's ever given me anything this nice before".  I'm sure an exaggeration, but the gratitude for this gift still gives makes me choke up a little.  I generally get positive and appreciative reactions when I give someone a quilt, but I was never so glad to have made one for someone before.  He refuses to "use" it and hung it on the wall in their bedroom proclaiming it a "piece of art".  That wasn't my intent, but hey, it's his quilt, he can do what he wants!  He cringes when I bring in my quilts to hang on my office wall with push pins.  I keep saying, it's JUST fabric - how do you think I quilt it? I makes holes with a needle - LOL!

He just might get another quilt somday! o:)

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Lynn said...

Great story. I got a bit teary just reading.

Kate said...

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it.

emedoodle said...

This is such a great story! Thanks for sharing with us - it's great to hear about these unexpected quilts - and how much they're loved! :) Thanks for linking up this week!

Pat said...

LOVE this story!

charlotte said...

Great story Denise. I love the feeling you get when you give a quilt that gets that kind of reaction. Nothing like it.

Sarah said...

That's a lovely story. What a heartfelt reaction & thankyou from your boss. I hope you experience many more years of friendship & use of the summer house too!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Love that story. How great to have such a wonderful relationship with your boss. Great quilt too.

Karen said...

This is a beautiful story and a wonderful quilt!!

Jennie said...

Great story! Every time I gift a quilt I emphasize that the recipient needs to use it and cuddle it and love it and if it gets damaged, I'll mend it for them, and if it gets totally worn out, I'll use it as an excuse to make them another one! Beautiful quilt.