Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shop Hop Win and Modern Siggy Blocks

Sure didn't mean to blog-fade again, but 'tis the season!  Both work and Christmas prep have had me crazy, but work is over until next Thursday and I've got all of the gifts bought and wrapped.  I still have a bit (a lot) more sewing to do...but I think things are under control.

I did take some time this morning to go shopping with a friend.  I've been racing from one thing to the next the past couple of weeks and didn't think I had time as I have so much more to do before the big day.  But then I thought about what's more important and decided I'd be much happier taking the time to have a girl's day out.  Cathy and I went here and there - she helped me shop for a last minute gift for my daughter and we went to the LQS and out to lunch today.  I'm so glad I did - it definitely gave me a lift, not to mention we were very productive!

I've been meaning to post about a couple of things.  I was super lucky during the recent shop hop in October and won the basket at my very last stop - Granny's Sewing Den (which is conveniently about 3 minutes from my office).  I stopped there the very last day of the hop during lunch and got a phone call at 5pm saying I'd won!  Well, that was certainly worth the trip!  The basket - which was actually a really cool tote bag - which was great because the last thing I need is another basket - was filled with great loot.  It included some "green" batting, a bunch of patterns, three spools of thread in beautiful colors, a book on color, some fabric and a little wall hanging kit.  Thanks, Granny's!

I also received my Modern Siggy Swap blocks last month.  I got about 60 blocks from all over the world!  It was so fun looking at each block to see where they came from.  So glad I participated in this swap - my first!
I also wanted to mention my "Black Friday" Shopping (yes, this post is ridiculously overdue - bad blogger!).  I don't really do the whole "Black Friday" thing anymore, but the Joann's coupons were too good to pass up because I really needed to stock up on batting...and rotary blades.  At 75%, I couldn't resist!  I splurged on an entire 40-yard bolt of Warm&Natural.  I'm putting a date on it so I know how long it lasts me - I think I'll be good for a while o:)  I also treated myself to a new 6"x12" Omnigrid ruler (the lines are wearing off at the edges of mine after 18 years of hard use!) and the June Tailor Shape Cut Pro ruler I saw at our guild meeting last month (thanks, Pat!)  Can't wait to try that one out!

I'll be back before Christmas to show off all of the goodies I've made!


Karin said...

how did I miss a 75% off at JoAnn's?!!! Darn! I don't think I'd have a place to PUT a whole bolt of batting though! :)

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

ooh, looks like you got good loot from your granny's win! And yay for shopping days with girlfriends! Good therapy. what are your plans for your siggy blocks?

Pat said...

You hit the jackpot! I just got a call from them yesterday saying that I'd won the monthly drawing for a $10 gift certificate. WooHoo!

Karen said...

I am slowly catching up after Christmas. I hope yours went well and that you have now had a chance to slow down. Congrats on the great win and good luck with your siggy blocks.

Sinta Renee said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on a fantastic win! You are a very lucky little quilter!!!LOL Your idea for a splurge at Joanne's was great. I am going to have to remember that one! I am anxious to see how long a roll lasts you! Happy New Year and may you continue to be blessed Denise!