Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ugh....Or, Boy am I Glad THIS One's Done!

I saw this quilt at a quilt show a couple of years ago and thought it would make a great hanging for my office wall.  Looked fairly simple and the batiks were beautiful.  I bought the kit (which included binding AND backing - how cool!) and, of course, it just sat there.  I didn't forget about it, other quilts just seemed more pressing.  I finally decided that I really needed a new quilt for the wall, my usual rotation was boring me.  So, I pulled it out and thought I'll whip this out in no time.  I opened the pattern and saw...paper templates.  What?  Paper Templates?  What, are we back in the 80s????  I don't do paper templates, there's got to be another way.  After perusing all the various rulers I have for making diamonds and angles I determined that, nope, templates it's got to be.  So, okay, I unearthed the little bit of template plastic I had and went to town.  Probably not very accurately.  So, I cut out all my pieces using the templates and a ruler, taking a smidge off the templates from time to time as I was cutting.  Oh boy, that was tedious!  Then, I got to the large diamonds, cutting carefully and I could not get the last diamonds out of the fabric!  Just wasn't going to work, there just wasn't enough.  Really???  Now what am I going to do - this kit is years old at this point, where am I going to get another piece of this batik.  Plus, I just wanted this done!  I wound up piecing the leftovers and was able to eke that last diamond out - and you really can't tell it's pieced. Whew!

Now, to put it together.  All the bits and pieces seemed to go together pretty easily until I got to the rows.  Can you say "bias edges"?!  I think I held my breath through every row.  Between the bias and my maybe-not-so-accurate cutting, it was a challenge.  But it's D.O.N.E.!  And, I'm not making this one again - LOL!

My original plan was to get this one on the quilt frame ASAP so I could get it done and up on my wall.  But, my priorities changed, so it's going to have to wait (besides, I want to quilt some wonky feathers in the black diamonds and I need to brush up on that technique - after all the trouble, I don't want to mess it up!).

These are the items on my list now:

1.  Quilt for my daughter for her birthday (on April 22nd) from these great fabrics I got for my b-day:
2.  A wallhanging for my Mom for Mother's day from Julie Herman's, of Jaybird Quilts, Carnival pattern.  My Mom loved this quilt when we saw it at Julie's trunk show a couple of weeks ago.  She said it looked just like Summer and I knew I wanted to make it for her.
This is one of the quilts using that cool Lazy Angle ruler, so I'll give a little review and blog about my process putting this quilt together.

3.  6 of these placemats for my girlfriend Mary for her birthday in May:
4.  An Easter wallhanging for my lovely daughter-in-law, Raqhel, for her office wall.  Pattern to-be-determined.  She mentioned a couple of weeks ago that for any gift-giving occasion I could give her something quilty for her home or office.  Now, I don't have to give her a gift for Easter, but what more of an excuse do I need?!  She will be covered in quilty-goodness for every holiday I can think of - LOL!

I'm off to a good start.  My daughter's quilt it almost finished.  I should have the top done today and hope to get it on the frame by tomorrow.  I took lots of photos along the way, so I'll blog about the construction of this quilt.  It's one I've done before and it is quick and great for showing off fabrics.

I'm moving just a bit slow this morning...son Bill and I went to the Elton John concert last night in Philly and didn't get home until midnight - WAY after my bedtime.  We had a blast - the concert was fantastic!  Elton sounds better than ever.  Think I'll listen to some EJ while I'm quilting today!

Now I'm off to make some homemade meatballs and potato salad for our "movie night" tonight!


Gretchen said...

Wow! You are planning to be doing a lot of quilting over the next few weeks!

Karen said...

I must say I have to admire your determination! I would have given up at many stages with this quilt. I do love the end result though - most certainly worth it!
And I understand why it has to wait again. What a long list you have. Good luck!
Sounds like a great concert. I think EJ still sounds as good as ever. We were lucky to be able to see Carol King and James Taylor when we were in Philly last year. You have great concerts in Philly!!!

Ivory Spring said...

WOW, Denis - you to-do list of projects sound absolutely yummy!

Linda said...

Stunning!!! Love how the colors play together! Loving all your projects you have lined up!!

Vivian said...

You're a busy, busy lady. Now that you've successfully dealt with batik triangles using paper templates, you can accomplish anything! Working through the stress of the challenge of bias edges tests our patience. You survived! Give yourself a pat on the back.

BTW, solving your shortage of fabric problem by piecing fabric -- well, that's what quilters did way back when. They used what they had. The making-do just adds to the character of your quilt, and it gives you a good story to tell.

I envy your ability to be able to attend an Elton J concert. By comparison, the talent that heads our way here in the rural Midwest is pretty meager. I'm sure it was a great evening for you and your son.