Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charming Girls Quilt Club - September/October Goals

I'm still running behind  I meant to post this at the beginning of the week and now the week is almost over!  Our Charming Girls September/October Goal is:

How did Kelly know that I really need this goal right now?!  There is one really important quilt that needs to be quilted in this time frame, but I'll be blogging about that soon.  But, there is a huge pile of quilts to be quilted.  I just counted them - there are 26.  Now, there's no way I'm going to make even a small dent in the pile these two months, but I am challenged to spend more time at the quilt frame and less (well, a little) time piecing. Besides the stack of quilt tops in the closet, the are three tops hanging over the quilting frame....

That includes Madeline there on the right, with backing and batting all ready to go!  On the left side is Cameos with Joy Luck next to it.  I don't want my quilt frame to become just a big hanger like so many treadmills/exercise bikes - LOL!

I've already posted some recently completed tops, but here are some others in the pile that I haven't shown.

This is what I call my "French Toile" quilt.  I should take some closeups, the toile is beautiful (I am partial to toile in any color though).  This was inspired by my quilting buddy at work.  She designed and made one and I just loved hers so much, I wanted to do one too.  Luckily I had LOTS of the toile, because when I first cut out the middles, I did not cut them on point.  So, guess what?  I'll be having two French Toile quilts - LOL!  By the way, she hasn't quilted hers yet either o:)

This one was my first (and probably only) attempt at Hawaiian quilting.  I had the orange/green fabric for years waiting for just the right project. And this was it!  Again, this was one of those huge applique pieces like Lady Madonna, only this was one big applique instead of a bunch of little pieces which made it a bit easier.  I'm just going to do echo quilting which I think is pretty traditional. 

So, my goal for September/October is to quilt the important new quilt being made along with Madeline and one other quilt.  That's three all together.  If I get to more great, but I don't want to over commit!  Besides, I just started the super-secret quilt on Sunday, so I've a got a little ways to go to finish the top.  More on that soon!

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Linda said...

Now these sound like nice goals. I didn't think to include quilting a quilt on my goal list. (Duh!!) Oh well. I hope to learn to quilt this next month. Good luck with your goals.