Monday, September 13, 2010

It Ain't Easy Being Green!

So this secret quilt that I'm working on?  Well, it's green, very green. Here are the fabrics I'm using...

When we came home from vacation, we had an invitation in the mail to the wedding of friends of our son & daugther-in-law.  Of course, I have to make them a quilt!  But I only have one month - the wedding's the 2nd weekend in October.  So, I figured I'd better get moving (and choose a fairly simple pattern). However, I had absolutely no idea what colors the bride and groom like, if they like traditional or modern. Nothing.  I'm at a loss.  So, son & daughter-in-law say the groom likes green and the bride likes wild and crazy.

So, green it will be!  But, I thought about it and realized I've never really made a green quilt.  Hmmm, did I even have that much green fabric?  A quick peruse of my stash showed I have plenty of green fabric!  (Did I really think I didn't - LOL!)  Then while cruising the internet, I saw a Square-in-a-Square quilt and thought "that's it!"  It'll be quick and I can use lots of different greens to make it interesting. 

I'd like to use one of these two fabrics for the border.  I'll wait til the middle's done before I decide.  Oh, and the "wild and crazy" for the bride?  I'm going to do a smaller SnS block as a label and use 4 different wild colors for the outside.

Here are some of the blocks I've finished so far...

I found this great tutorial for making the S-N-S blocks from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site.  They're coming out perfectly with just a smidge of waste.  I'm using the Easy Angle to cut the triangles.  Love this thing!  I have a smaller one, but went to Jo-Ann's to get a larger one - on sale for 50% off

and while I was there I saw this perfect green already-made binding - that I got for, yep, 50% off!  What a timesaver!

So, my sewing room is awash in green fabric, but the top is coming along! I just have to find a great backing. Hopefully I can find something at the PA National Quilt Extravaganza this Friday (I am so psyched for this quilt show!!). If not, I'll still have time to order something online.

Oh, I really hope they like green o:)

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Carrie P. said...

Hi Denise,
thanks for coming by "green" post today. It is funny that we have the same titles. I really like the blocks for the quilt. And I am sure the bride loved it since she had so much green in her wedding.