Sunday, May 29, 2011

Central Park: A Love Story

I've come to the realization that I have a "thing"for Kate Spain's Central Park line.  I've got no less than 6 quilts (some larger, some smaller) already made, in progress, or in my head to make with Central Park.  Here's my stash:  Jelly roll, layer cake, 5 charm packs and yardage - oh my!

First up was Julie's Carnival pattern - made into a wall hanging for my Mom.  Of course that wasn't enough and I'm making the larger version for myself.

Then, at our PMQG sewing day, I saw Becky's Postage Stamp Quilt (from Rachel Griffith at P.S. I Quilt's quilt-a-along a while back), and I had to make one of my own.  I loved how Becky did hers in "stripes" and copied hers shamelessly did mine the same way!  However, I just couldn't quite wrap my brain around the method Rachel used in the quilt-a-long for a scrappy look, so had to figure out another way to get my striped look.  This quilt was a lot of fun and came together beautifully.  I got the top done in less than two weeks - I was a speed demon on this one!  

Today, I'm going to finish up this table runner that my Mom requested to go with her wallhanging.  Then I'll work on MY Carnival and one other full-size quilt I have in mind for Central Park. 

That will leave me with all of the "animal" and "tree" prints that I've been pulling out of the charm packs/layer cake.  I see a little boy's quilt from these leftovers!
After that I think my Central Park obsession should finally be over.  But that's okay because I think my Summer Love will be replaced by this in the Fall:


Becky said...

Wow! thats a lot of central park! You crack me up. It all looks gorgeous! I love that table runner.

Linda said...

Busy with Central Park!! Love all projects with! I really LOVE the postage stamp quilt!

Karen said...

Sometimes one fabric is just right for everything you do. And if you love it - why not?
By the way, I just bought a layer cake of Terrain last week.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

Your mini carnival looks fantastic!! I'm sure your mom loves it!! ...& your postage stamp quilt looks fab too! You are also not alone in your Kate Spain love.... in the PMQG alone you have Becky, Tricia, me & more!

rachel griffith said...

it's okay to be addicted to kate.
there's an "addicted to kate" club...not only am i the president, i'm also a member.

kate spain said...

a little hem...alerted me to your post. look at you go! everything looks awesome, and i'm so happy to know you're lovin' the Park! i saw becky's postage stamp quilt too and would have done just what you did. actually, i still might :) keep up the fantastico work! love it all. xo, kate