Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quilt Classes!

I used to take quilt classes all the time.  Not so much any more.  Not that I know everything, but I've been at this for awhile.  But, still, it's fun to take a class now and then.  For the camaraderie if nothing else.  And, I find I always learn something. 

So, when I found out that Julie of Jaybird Quilts fame was teaching Dot Party at my new favorite shop, The Village Quilter, I signed up immediately! 

I already had the pattern and bought the fancy circle ruler and really teeny 18mm rotary cutter like the pattern suggests. I'm always looking for a better way to cut out a circle, so was intrigued by the ruler. As soon as I got it I thought I'd try it out. Didn't go so well. There's got to be a trick, and I know Julie's going to show us what it is! So, this class is not only going to a blast I'm sure, but I'll learn something too.

I decided the fabric that I won from Sarah's Swell Cloth shop, Kumari Garden, would be perfect for this quilt.  I'm pairing it with some light blue Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen...

By the way, I've been haunting places that sell the Quilter's Linen and scooping it up.  It's not all that easy to find.  This is my stash so far:

If you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see the "linen look" - just adds a little something.

I'm signed up for one more class.  On my first trip to The Village Quilter last Fall, I heard they were having a class on hand quilting with Didi Salvatierra.  I've been wanting to take a hand quilting class for forever and just never got the chance.  I was bummed that the class was the next week (and I think it was full anyway), but owner Susan promised Didi would be back.  So, when she said Didi was coming back in the Fall, I couldn't wait to sign up (I may have been a bit of a pest about it too.  Every time I saw Susan I'd bug her about when sign ups would be open - LOL!)  I've done some hand quilting in the past, I just have never been very happy with my stitches.  And, not that I'm going to be hand quilting much by any stretch, but I'd love to have a hand quilting project to work on from time to time.  And, this is going to be it (and, yes, it may take
me the rest of my life, I realize that):

[of course, Lilly has to plunk her little self in the middle of every quilt I put on the floor - and sorry about the wrinkles]

This applique quilt was a block-of-the-month from the now defunct Country Quilt Shop, started in the late 90s.  I finished the quilt at the end of last year.  (No, I don't want to add up how many years that's been).  It's called Pennsylvania Folk Art and it is just beautiful.  I really think hand quilting would be worth it on this quilt. 


Becky said...

have fun in Julie's class! btw - I had a sad moment, saw the former co-owner of country quiltworks stocking shelves at Big Lots. :(

Linda said...

Quilt top is gorgeous! I love al the appliqué. Yes, if I could hand quilt, I would hand quilt that top too!! Stunning! :-)

Lynn said...

If you learn any tricks for using that circle ruler please share! I have one too and the small 18mm cutter, but I still can't cut a decent circle.

Ivory Spring said...

Oh, the dots quilt will look gorgeous with your fabric choices!

And that quilt top is absolutely beautiful!

Gretchen said...

That quilt top is amazing! Please post pictures when you finish quilting it. I hope you find hand quilting as relaxing as I do.

i are tiny kitn said...

i always see those funky circle things and never knew what to do with them!
i wish i lived closer to the VQ! i would be there all the time.
can't wait to see your Dot Party!