Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shop Hop Success!

Well, the weather cooperated and the shop hop with my mom finally happened!  What a fun day we had.  We hit two of the three shops (we're saving The Little Shop for another outing) and had a wonderful lunch over looking the river (and the snow-LOL).  We first hit The Village Quilter.  Susan, the owner, is in my guild, the Philly Modern Quilt Guild, (and who was so kind to hand deliver to me at our meeting on Tuesday the kit I DIDN'T buy at the shop and called two days later and ordered over the phone).  This was the first time I visited her shop.  If I was closer, I'd practically be living there - her shop is that awesome!  I told her that at our Tuesday meeting and said you'd get sick of me I'd be there so much - or I'd have to get a part-time job there - LOL!    Anyway, I picked up two of these Central Park charm squares just because the colors were so happy.  I've already got something in my for them.

My mom and I both went nuts over these placements when we walked in....I bought enough fabric to make four and made them all up within days - they were that quick and fun.  I've already ordered 3 more yards of each of the two fabrics - folks are getting these for Christmas!

I love the mitered borders on them...
I also got the Sewline mechanical fabric pencil (forgot to take a photo).  I'm always on the hunt for a good marking pencil that comes out easily.  I've heard about these and when we were at the shop I was pondering them, another customer saw me looking at them and said they really worked so I bought one.  She was right.  They are great!  The marks come right out with either the provided eraser or with a damp cloth.  I just bought the single pen, but they come in a multi where you can have 3 colors of lead.  Of course, I should have spent the few extra $$$ and bought that one, but I may just pick it up if I see it at the next quilt show.  That way I can use all 4 colors.  They have leads in black, white, teal, and pink - a color for every fabric!

We also went to Olde City Quilts - a much bigger shop - they actually had three or four long-arms on the floor!  Wow.  I think I only bought fabric for a baby quilt there but didn't take a photo.  My mom was sitting in their machine area waiting for me and of course shop staff would come up to her and ask if they could help her with something and she would keep saying "no, I don't do this..I'm just waiting for my daughter".  It was so funny - she is so NOT crafty, but she cleans a mean house!  She does appreicate the fruits of my labors though and we do have fun on our outings.  She's been to quilt shows with me too and is more than happy to tag along.  Who wouldn't like looking at beautiful fabrics and quilts!

The next day I went to my quilting buddy from work's house to get her going on her new HQ Avante (boy is that a nice machine!).  What a fun day we had too.  She's about an hour away from me, and it was raining/sleeting but she really needed to get her quilt done to take to her daughter this weekend, so I ventured out and made it safely.  I wish I took some photos of us working at the machine - some of them would have been really comical - like the two of us on the floor under the machine with a flashlight to check out the stitch tension!  She made a wonderful quiche lunch with some Early Grey Lavender tea (was that ever delicious!).  And, of course, we had to make the trek to her local quilt shop, Cloth and Bobbin.  A very nice shop - not very big, but certainly well stocked.  Johanna, the owner, stocks a lot of modern designers' fabrics (Amy Butler, Kaffe Fasset, etc.), as well as lots of other stuff, but I did find her shop to be on the modern side.  Very colorful and fun.  I bought the sets of fabrics below.  It was funny because my friend Lindsay told me later that she had gone back to the shop on Sunday and while they were discussing our Saturday visit, Johanna mentioned to her that she noticed I chose very traditional fabrics.  I thought that was an interesting comment.  She was right.  Out of all that mod stuff (which I do like), I guess I know where my heart lies....

Another thing I didn't realize, until I looked at the photos - there's a theme going on here.  Both of these groupings include birds!  Didn't notice that when I bought them though.  Funny.

So, I hit three new shops all together during my shop hop weekend and I must say each was different.  They each stocked different styles of fabrics and notions, etc.  I thought that was nice - it wasn't just same old, same old.  I did notice they all had those new Cotton Laminates.  They really are nice.  I'm sure I'll cave and get some at some point!

I'm hoping to have a very productive quilty weekend again this nice long 3-day weekend!  But for now, I'm going to start our dinner for tonight - a smoky pulled pork dish with pappardelle. Yum!  I've never made it before, but the ingredients are intriguing - they include honey, a Granny Smith apple, white wine, garlic, Champagne vinegar. tomato paste, thyme, parlsey.  Like my husband said, "There's nothing in there I don't like!".  It also calls for Smoked Sea Salt.  I sure hope we like it, because I went to our local Italian Market to buy it and the container cost me $5.99 (choke!).  Maybe I could have done without the smoke.  We'll see.

725 pm - Dinner's over.  The Smoked Sea Salt was worth it!  This meal was excellent.  Hubby and I declared it a keeper and will go in the Wallace Family cookbook (when I get around to compiling it).  If you're interested, you can find the recipe here.  I served it with green beans and a bottle of Conundrum white was the perfect complement!


Candi said...

I just went to the Village Quilter for the first time. Its a great place!

Karen said...

I am so pleased you finally were able to do your shop hop! I love reading about all the different stores and hope that maybe one day I will see them. Gorgeous fabrics. I do love the ones with the birds. Look forward to seeing them made up.